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About Kelsey

Hi, I’m Kelsey and I'm a copywriting magician.

I help entrepreneurs find the MAGIC WORDS to hone in on what it is they actually want to say, and connect with the people they actually want to reach.

After getting annoyed with all the online programs out there claiming to teach branding, writing, and social media hacks, I decided to start a blog for normal people like me who just want some clear guidance without all the noise: read my MAGIC WORDS blog!

Personality-wise, I’m like if Marie Forleo and Brene Brown had a baby: I like to discuss how you can make more money and build a better business while also talking about vulnerability and “all the feels”.

Oh, and if I look familiar it might be because I'm also an actress, popping up on shows like 'Modern Family', 'New Girl', 'Zac & Mia' and 'Days of Our Lives'.

Glad you're here, kiddo! Let's make some magic.


About Magic Words

Magic Words is a copywriting program dedicated to helping small business owners find the right words to reach, connect with, and KEEP their dream clients.

Why “MAGIC”?

Do you have a favorite word? You know, that word you doodle in the margins of your notebook? One that makes you feel all tingly and empowered? A word you take with you through your day, into the tough meetings, the big conversations, or even the darker moments when you need an extra dose of inspiration?

Mine is: MAGIC

Here’s why: MAGIC implies that we have the power to create or change our reality at any given moment. Magic doesn’t just happen, we make it. We all have that power inside us to make MAGIC, all it takes is intention, imagination, and faith.

I named my copywriting business “MAGIC WORDS” because words really do have the power to transform our lives.

With the right words you can increase your sales, communicate your ideas, reach more people who need to hear what you have to say, generate new leads that can hugely impact your life…The list goes on and on!

I love the idea that together, we’re using words like magic spells to build an online presence that makes you feel empowered, seen, & understood.

Get ready. Your life is about to change.

Just like MAGIC.

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