3 Quick and easy ways to turn clients into friends (and fans!)


When I say "turn your client into your friend", I don't mean you have to go out to happy hour with every person who engages you for your goods or services (that's a LOT of margaritas!). 

What I mean by "turn your client into your friend" is this: when you take the time to do a few small things to help you get to know your clients beyond their 150 character instagram bio, you are creating a more meaningful relationship with that person or company. 

When you focus on creating relationships rather than just getting the job done, you turn a one-time payday into a MUCH more personally and financially profitable connection. Additionally, when you build a friendly relationship with your client, they become more likely to recommend you to their friends! It's all about inviting trust and building a foundation for a working relationship that lasts beyond a one-time paycheck. With all that in mind, here are 3 super fast and easy ways to turn clients into friends in under 10 minutes.

3 Ways to turn clients into friends.jpg

#1: Engage with their social media

Everybody, including your client, is doing their best to connect with an authentic audience online. Show them some love by taking a few minutes to "follow", "like", "save", and comment on your favorite posts! It will do them a favor by boosting their engagement rate AND it will help you better understand their brand/personality so you can best serve their needs!

#2: Share their profile and info with your followers

I feel super supported when a friend shares something about my business without asking for anything in return. So because of that, I try to share the love as much as possible to help others feel supported and encouraged! I mean hey, if this person or company has hired you, it must mean they're pretty cool, right? Plus, it costs you nothing to give your client a shoutout on your social media or website. You can do this by posting a story and giving them a @MENTION, tagging them in a caption, re-posting their content, or even including a link to their page on your website. Chances are your client will feel seen and appreciated, which is the best feeling ever.

On that note, if you want to learn more about MY amazing ongoing clients, check out the bottom of my ABOUT PAGE!

#3: Ask about something that isn't their "job"

Does your client have children? Puppies? A rock collection? Are they in a book club and reading something really good right now? Are they training for a marathon? Are they secretly fans of The Bachelor? This is probably the most important part of turning your client into your friend. We all want to feel like there's more to us than our jobs (because we're HUMANS!). Take time to learn something about your client that isn't related to their business. Not only will it make them feel good, it will give you more insight into how you can create a meaningful, ongoing relationship.

I am so very lucky to be able to say I genuinely like and appreciate every single person and company I work with! Helping entrepreneurs define and refine their brand messaging and marketing strategy so they feel truly heard in the screaming match that is the internet is my passion and my daily joy. I encourage you to reach out and engage on a human level with your clients... they're just people, after all! I promise you'll love what you find.

Kelsey Formost