You can't make everyone are not an avocado

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At my previous "day job" I worked for an awesome Women's Lifestyle site, and a big part of our job was posting videos to YouTube. While I was there, we were given the opportunity to become YouTube Certified (it's a real thing) and I took online classes, studied like a college kid, took a long-ass test, and became YouTube Certified in Audience Growth.

To be honest, the YT "Modules" were boring AF and I kinda wanted to tear my eyelashes out one by one. But lucky for YOU guys, I kept all my educational materials and distilled the most helpful information from the course into easy-to-digest nuggets of wisdom.

My main takeaway was that all the Audience Growth classes boiled down to the same basic principle:

Before you roll your eyes and throw up a little bit (I know I did), consider the following: 

                             Question: Who do you actually WANT to connect with your "brand"? 
                           Short Answer: People you'd want to hang out with anyway.

Long(er) answer: It's kind of like online dating...if you fudge in your profile, chances are you're not gonna get dates who are actually compatible with the *real* you. Sure, you can keep up the pretense that you're a magical unicorn who always shaves her legs, only watches tv for the news, and likes the Lakers, but eventually they're gonna see you with no makeup and spikey legs watching 'The Bachelorette' while wearing your Warriors jersey. 

The best part about just doing you and not worrying about making *everyone* (and their mother) happy? It makes connecting with your true community 


Just by being who you *already* are, and creating posts for people you *already* like, you are eliminating most of the "branding" busywork//bullcrap that feels icky and that real, engaged users can smell a mile away.

So, why not stack the deck and make your life (and growing your following) way easier?? Post about stuff you already like, for the people you'd already want to hang/work with. Your life will be a *LOT* simpler, and a *LOT* happier for it!

Want help defining your strategy to reach the right kind of people? Shoot me a note and let's chit chat about it during your own personal magic lesson!