Kelsey has a strong, unique voice, and an innate grasp of the elements of storytelling. She has quite an extensive set of life experiences which clearly contributes to her ability to empathize with her characters, feel comfortable in a variety of genres, communicate extremely well with collaborators, and never lose her baseline for remaining truthful to the human experience. She is quick, articulate, confident.

My admiration for her ability has led to a collaboration with her as writing partner. Taking on a writing partner to create original material is something I do carefully, after satisfying myself that 
this is a writer who can carry her weight. I can therefore tell you first hand that 
Kelsey is a real talent, and a delight to write and create with.

- Ron Bass, Academy Award Winner: Best Original Screenplay, ‘Rain Main’


 Kelsey is currently in development on multiple screenwriting projects, including a semi-autobiographical TV comedy about two sisters learning to be landladies (finalist in the prestigious 2018 Screencraft Pilot Launch competition), a teen romance about mental health, a comedy about two accidental witches in NYC, a bi-lingual rom-com feature film, and a TV drama project about the "Me Too" movement with Academy Award winner Ron Bass. 


In addition to multiple screenplays and ongoing copywriting projects, Kelsey is currently writing a Young Adult Historical Fiction novel about Europe's Renaissance Witch Trials.


As well as writing about small business marketing and copywriting Kelsey's has written extensive editorial content in the women's lifestyle, beauty, and travel spaces. As a full-time staff writer for BeMakeful.com, Kelsey honed her skills in the Women's Lifestyle space, earning a certification in Audience Growth from YouTube University and gaining valuable insight in effective and efficient content creation.

Editorial writing samples available on request.