Praise for Kelsey and her work from Oscar Winners, business owners, creatives, influencers, bloggers, and professionals in a wide variety of markets.

Just goes to show that writing copy that converts works, no matter what industry you’re in!


"Kelsey has many magical powers - one being her ability to quickly synthesize small pieces of information, formulate a communication strategy, and then execute in a thoughtful voice that is true to the brand.

Beyond the quality of her work - which always exceeds my expectations - is she has the unique gift to make what feels impossible, possible."

- Drew Lepp, Owner/Blogger, BOTANERI

Your marketing emails are working better than anything else I’ve ever done.

After the last newsletter email you sent, I immediately got six orders on my website.
— Rejoy Marsella, Owner, Rejoy Living

Working with Kelsey was a game-changer. She was able to brilliantly capture my brand, voice, and vision and put it into copy that entices the reader to engage more + more with my content. I have never been more excited for a website launch because I know my copy is correct!
— Rachel Boszik, CEO & Founder: The Brand Girls


“Kelsey has a way with words that allow the reader to get lost in the visual descriptions she creates with her writing. She tackles any project that come her way AND THEN SOME.

She's a breeze to work with, collaborative and holds her own with idea after idea. It was a pleasure to work with her, to feel supported by her efforts and have someone I could trust to get things done and build content, both in writing and creating, effectively and engaging.”



Kelsey took THOUSANDS of words on a page and made them into a cohesive message - that was in talking to her twice! I would hire her again without hesitation.
— Cherise Hammie, CPA & Business Owner

I just read my new website copy and I am crying right now...shedding HAPPY tears!! This copy is perfect- it’s exactly what I didn’t know I wanted. I am so relieved to have this off my to-do list and I very well may do a happy jig.
— Kara Tanenbaum, Online Entrepreneur & Coach
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“Kelsey has a strong, unique voice, and an innate grasp of the elements of storytelling. She has quite an extensive set of life experiences which clearly contributes to her ability to empathize, feel comfortable in a variety of genres, communicate extremely well with collaborators, and never lose her baseline for remaining truthful to the human experience. She is quick, articulate, confident.

My admiration for her ability has led to a collaboration with her as writing partner. Taking on a writing partner to create original material is something I do carefully, after satisfying myself that this is a writer who can carry her weight. I can therefore tell you first hand that Kelsey is a real talent, and a delight to write and create with.”

-Ron Bass, Oscar Winner: Best Screenplay, “Rain Main”


Kelsey is like a literary "Mary Poppins". My book (and my feelings about it) were a total mess when I met her. In the past few months, she has helped me transform my endless pages of outpouring into a coherent narrative that I'm proud of, and what's more, she's a ton of fun to work with.

In short, Kelsey in an absolute savior- I literally couldn't have written my book without her.

-Jane Garnett, Author


Kelsey asked all the right questions to truly capture my personality with the perfect balance of fun, yet polished content, which is exactly what I was hoping for. She’s a true professional and a very skilled writer, I would most definitely hire her again!
— Chanay Walton, Owner, A Better Weigh


“I found Kelsey on a Thursday night, and contracted with her the next night (Friday). Her assignment was to write content for me (a brand new small business owner) to use on my yet-to-be constructed website.

Other than what she learned from our conversation, I sent her several documents with a ridiculous amount of unfinished sentences and repetitive information.

I asked her to take that information to figure out my mission, the services I would provide, pricing, and the "about me" section because I HAD NOT YET FIGURED THAT OUT FOR MYSELF!

The results I received from her (in advance of the deadline) were not only perfect, they were beyond my wildest dreams. Kelsey does, in fact, create magic with words!

If you hire her, you will not be disappointed!”

- Linda Kielek, Owner, ORGANIZED HABITATS


After our meeting, I went home and started rewriting my coaching copy...

Already I feel like I am saying what I actually want to say
(vs. what other people say on their website, what marketers TELL you to say, etc.)
— liz kimball, coach and founder of "the collective" for women


“ Kelsey is an absolute gem! She was a massive pleasure to work with and, more importantly, she is a phenomenal writer. Not only did she ask the correct questions to ensure that the writing would match our brand's voice, but she also did extensive research into our industry and knew what types of words and styles we were looking to avoid. In today's digital economy, it's so nice to have someone like Kelsey that can communicate a brand's message to an exact 'T'. We DEFINITELY will be hiring her again very soon. “

-Joshua Chavez, Digital Marketing Executive


Kelsey does an outstanding job for us in understanding what needs to be communicated and adding some flair and personality to it. She truly has a gift with words!
— nina nazar, global tribe retreats


“Since hiring Kelsey, business at Global Tribe Retreats has been full of ease, lightness, and joy. She has now become an indispensable asset to our continued success. Her skill as a writer and creative mastermind are beyond impressive. She is one gifted and talented writer, to say the least.

Thank you, Universe for putting Kelsey Formost in our world!

- Tom Morley, Owner & Yoga Instructor, GLOBAL TRIBE RETREATS

Kelsey is the Jerry Maguire of copywriting... With a positive and insightful ‘help me, help you’ approach, she reframed my existing website copy into a story that my target audience will find much more meaningful and fun to read.
— RICH YUEH, photographer
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