Copywriting turns words on the page into dollars in the bank.

Just like MAGIC.


Get Some Magic Words


It’s totally okay if you’re wondering: WHAT IS  "COPYWRITING" EXACTLY?

Copywriting is writing that’s designed to make someone take action, like: subscribe, buy, follow, “like”, or engage in some way. Copy is what makes people decide if they like you and want to engage with you/your brand.

Anywhere you use words for your brand, that’s “copy”…

  • The words on your website? —> Copywriting.

  • Social Media captions? —> Copywriting.

  • Landing pages? —> Copywriting.

  • E-mails? —> Copywriting.

  • Blog posts? —> Copywriting.

  • Pitch letters? —> Copywriting.

  • Brochures? —> Copywriting.

  • Sales Pages?—> Copywriting.

  • Your personal or brand bio? —> Copywriting.

…you get it.

Copywriting is your best kept secret. It’s one of the most valuable business tools in existence, and yet it’s often overlooked. Effective, clear copy shows the world who you really are. It’s the key to being seen, heard, and empowered in the echo-chamber of the internet.

Why? Because copy creates CONNECTION.

Copywriting is the lifeblood of any business. When you know what to say and how to say it, you instantly connect with your audience. Copy creates connection, and connection creates conversions.
— Amy Porterfield

Yes! Write me Magic Copy that turns Words into $$$!


Stop writing yourself in circles

KelseyFormost_MagicWords_Copywriter_04 (1).jpg

As a business owner myself, I know it's scary to put your stuff out there. Because it's your baby! And you want it to be PERFECT! So you procrastinate actually making/releasing the thing because...*spoiler alert*'s NEVER going to be "PERFECT".

Because you don’t know what to say or how to say it, you:

  • Waste a ton of time and money dithering about on your website,

  • Fret for hours over social media captions, marketing emails, etc.

  • Feel at a complete loss as to what to say, or -

  • You write / say so much it’s totally overwhelming…

Sound familiar?


First, I just sorta let you talk it out and tell me what you need. It's like therapy, really.

I get a sense of who you *really* are (not just who your Instagram says you are) and take a look at what you've already got (it’s totally okay if you don’t have anything yet!). 

Then, I identify changes we can make to your copy that'll help convert your audience into paying customers with hungry eyes (sorry, now you have the 80’s song in your head), like:

  • How to tailor your copy to your ideal customer and convert clicks into $$$

  • How to come up with specific, consistent and engaging online content

  • How to refine the message you're presenting to make it more complete and accurate

  • The kinds of people/clients/friends you should be targeting

  • Some additional opportunities you can take to reach them

  • Some attainable goals to work towards in the future

Finally, I deliver it all together in a nice, pretty, ready-to-go package. Depending on your specific needs, this package could look like:

  • A completely new version of your site with copy targeted to convert clicks into $$$

  • A handful of SEO-optimized blog posts tailored to your niche

  • Social media captions designed to increase your engagement and grow your following

  • A marketing email or welcome sequence…

Basically, anywhere you need WORDS THAT CONVERT, I can help.




Buying time with me is like buying a new computer: expensive, but worth it.

So, how much does it cost to work with me? It depends on what you need!

Copywriting rates are, by nature, subjective.

I know that’s really annoying, but it’s the truth. It truly depends on what you’re looking for. Some people just need minor editing and guidance, others need a total re-write overhaul. Co-creation isn’t “One Size Fits All”.

That’s why I offer a free 20-min consultation for every new client.

At the end of our consultation, I will give you my best estimate for what your project will cost and how long it will take to complete.

Heads up: I offer discounts…sometimes.

Discounted rates are available for repeat customers and/or those who want to bundle services together (for example, one customer bundled new website copy and a welcome sequence and got $100 off her final total!).

Remember, copywriting is DESIGNED to increase your sales because it connects with your ideal customer. So, investing in great copy almost always pays for itself!



In the meantime, download my FREE PDF:

3 Copy Secrets to 3x Your Profits!

This guide goes over 3 easy changes you can immediately make to your copy that will have people saying, “OMG I feel like I already know you, I’m such a fan,” and “can I pay you to help me?”



Last but not least: A note about refunds that I totally hate having to write but, ugh, here goes…

Due to the subjective nature of copy, copywriting, and co-creating copy, please note payment is always due in full up front and all sales are final. There, I said it. Thanks for being cool about it.