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Get Some Magic Words


Copywriting that turns words into dollars.

Just like MAGIC.

Get some.



Copywriting is the art & science of using words to advertise, market, or sell a good or service.

Wow, that sounds super boring.

I like to think of copywriting as a dating profile for your business; you only have so many words to clearly and effectively communicate who you are and what you offer in order to make a meaningful connection.


Let's be real...

Spending hours staring at a blank page or writing yourself in circles totally sucks.

Also, raise your hand if the word "branding" makes you cringe (a lot). ((SAME)).


First, I just sorta let you talk it out and tell me what you need. It's like therapy, really.

As a business owner myself, I know it's scary to put your stuff out there. Because it's your BABY! And you want it to be PERFECT! And so you procrastinate actually making/releasing the thing because...*spoiler alert*'s NEVER going to be "PERFECT".

So you waste a ton of time and money dithering about on your website, your social media captions, or your marketing emails, either at a complete loss as to what to say, or saying so much it’s totally overwhelming.



I get a sense of who you *really* are (not just who your Instagram says you are) and take a look at what you've already got. 

Then I identify changes we can make to your copy that'll help convert your audience into paying customers, like:

  • How to tailor your copy to your ideal customer and convert clicks into $$$

  • How to come up with specific, consistent and engaging online content

  • How to refine the message you're presenting to make it more complete and accurate

  • The kinds of people/clients/friends you should be targeting

  • Some additional opportunities you can take to reach them

  • Some attainable goals to work towards in the future



Finally, I pull it all together in a nice, pretty, ready-to-go package.

Depending on your specific needs, this package could look like:

  • A completely new version of your site with re-written copy targeted to convert clicks into $$$.

  • A handful of SEO-optimized blog posts tailored to your niche

  • Social media captions designed to increase your engagement and grow your following

  • A marketing email or welcome sequence…

Basically, anywhere you need WORDS THAT CONVERT, I can help.



Magic Lessons


Confused, overwhelmed or frustrated by social media?

Never quite know what to say or when to post?

I’ve got your back.


Feel overwhelmed and frustrated by social media?

Grab a cup of tea and sit down with me for an hour-long “Magic Lesson”!

Together we will take a look at what you have and what you're doing so far on social media. Once we "diagnose" some areas that could use some help, I'll tell you small, manageable steps you can take to authentically grow your following and business. I also fully support you taking charge and asking specific questions: I'll do my best to teach you anything you want to know about getting the most bang for your buck when creating a social media strategy!

This is GREAT for people who feel really intimidated by the social media world, feel overwhelmed when they think about stuff like analytics and algorithms, and just want someone to tell them what to do.

I can also teach you how to batch and automate your work so you can minimize overwhelm, stick to a consistent content strategy, grow your authentic following, AND stop wasting time on the app.

When we’re done with our Magic Lesson, you’ll have a personalized, rock-solid social media strategy that works for YOU.




So, how much does it cost to work with me? It depends on what you need!

Magic Lessons are one hour and cost $147. When you book a date I send you a PayPal invoice. The day before your Magic Lesson you’ll receive a PDF workbook to help you clarify your needs so our hour is well spent.

Copywriting rates are, by nature, subjective (I know that’s really annoying, but it’s the truth). It truly depends on what you’re looking for. That’s why I offer a free 20-minute consultation for every new client. At the end of our consultation, I will give you my best estimate for what your project will cost and how long it will take to complete.



In the meantime, here’s some FREE stuff!

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