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Magic Words Copywriting

Ready to feel seen, heard & empowered in the echo-chamber that is the internet?

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Triple your profits with copywriting


Why does good copy make such a difference? Because copy creates connection.

And when you connect with your audience, they’re more likely to like you, trust you, and buy from you.



So, if you’re ready to take the leap and FINALLY feel like your website reflects exactly who you are and what you offer…

If you’re ready to KNOW FOR SURE that the copy on your website is going to convert clicks into paying clients and fans…

If you’re ready to feel EMPOWERED when you sit down to write that next newsletter, or social media caption, or email pitch, or blog post…

Your life is about to change. Just like MAGIC.

xo, Kelsey


In today’s digital economy, it’s so nice to have someone like Kelsey that can communicate a brand’s message to an exact ‘T’.
— Joshua Chavez, Digital Marketing Executive
Kelsey is like a literary ‘Mary Poppins’...I literally could not have written my book without her.
— Jane Garnett, Author
The results I received from Kelsey were not only perfect, they were beyond my wildest dreams.
— Linda Kielek, Owner Organized Habitats
Kelsey provided way more than just new copy; she helped kickstart an entire refresh for how I approach my work. If you have a vision, she can help you achieve it.
— RICH YUEH, photographer
Kelsey is amazing!! Any sort of copy that you need she can make it happen. She helped us grow our brand tremendously and we adore her for that. Hire her today!
— Estrella Mouth toothpaste